Gravity is Optional - About us

We are a couple of kids who never grew up .. and a few friends.

For a number of years, we simply threw things at each other. (Juggling is also a lot of fun.)

Eventually, youtube was invented and people started posting some pretty cool science videos. Well, as permanent kids, we had to try a few of those ourselves. Since several groups we belong to have tables at various science related shows, we started showing some of our experiments. It was a lot of fun.

Eventually, our bags of tricks grew so large that we got our own tables (notice, that's plural) .. simply to share the fun.

The problem was that people wanted to know how our experiments work. Resonance, eddy currents, genies, anti-gravity, force fields. It eventually reached the point that there was a lot to learn.

This site is a collection of our experiments, and some of the explanations. (The genies may be invisible, but you can feel them pull things.) Most of our experiments can be performed at home for only a few bucks.

Some experiments are beyond the average home experimenter

The world is full of toys .. you just have to look for them.

If you can't find them .. then make them :)

And remember, Physics is fun.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
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